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Our Commitment to Quality

Licenses and Accreditation

National Compliance and CAP Proficiency Testing

All MedLabs laboratories in Jordan maintain current Jordanian Ministry of Health licenses. MedLabs' main Reference Laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and an internal 'accreditation' system is in place that measures the quality of testing in all MedLabs' other branches against the benchmark of this accredited laboratory's Quality Control results.

Summary of MedLabs Accreditations

Quality is not just our commitment it is our driving force. As a leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services, MedLabs has always felt a responsibility to lead the way by example to raise the quality of laboratory healthcare delivery in the region.


Throughout its history, MedLabs has focused on quality as a key factor for delivering trusted results. We consider quality to be a core value that brings synergy between the human and technological functions of our company, aligning our teams in all departments – scientific and managerial - to pursue and maintain excellence in all that we do.


This commitment to quality has resulted in MedLabs obtaining the College of American Pathologists Accreditation (CAP), the "Gold Standard" in laboratory accreditation worldwide, as well as the European ISO 15189 Laboratory Accreditation and the ISO9001 management certification – making us the only laboratories company to achieve all three in Jordan. MedLabs is also honored to have received the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in May 2011.


We strive to improve continuously in order to meet our customers' expectations first time every time.

College of American Pathologists (CAP)


MedLabs Reference Laboratory has been successfully subscribing to the College of American Pathologists Proficiency Testing Programs (both SURVEYS and EXCEL) since 2007. We were awarded CAP accreditation in January 2011.

ISO Certification 9001:2000


MedLabs Consultancy Group is ISO Certified for Management of Medical Laboratory Services (BS EN IS0 9001:2000). It was first awarded this certification in 2003.

King Abdullah II Award for Excellence - 2011 Sixth Cycle


The King Abdullah II Award for Excellence is the national reference for quality and excellence among public, private, business associations, educational service providers and non-governmental institutions. MedLabs is honoured to have received this prestigious award in 2011.

ISO 15189 Accreditation


In February 2008 MedLabs became the first laboratory in Jordan and the Region to be awarded the ISO 15189 Laboratory Accreditation  (specific requirements to ensure quality, competence and reliable results) by the Accreditation Unit / Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology and in cooperation with the European Union.

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