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Clinical & Surgical Pathology

MedLabs offers a wide range of pathology testing including hematology, biochemistry, serology, molecular biology, cytogenetics, immunology, endocrinology, microbiology, metabolic disorders, cytology and histopathology. Each one of these laboratory medicine sub-specialties is overseen by a highly qualified and dedicated full time consultant. To provide all our tests at the highest quality, MedLabs employs more than 445 professionals including consultants, lab directors, medical technologists and administrative staff, all holding high qualifications in their fields (11 MDs, 7 PhDs, 45 MScs and MBAs and more than 290 BSc. holders).

New Tests

MedLabs is dedicated to keeping up with the fast growing pace of laboratory medicine to provide our clients with the widest range of laboratory tests. Part of the role of our dedicated Scientific Committee is to keep informed of new technology and new findings in laboratory medicine and to communicate these to doctors and the medical community at large - making us a trusted reference centre for laboratories across region.

House Calls

At MedLabs what we value most are our patients. We believe in making each individual feel cared for, respected and given the highest level of customer satisfaction, confidentiality and accuracy of test results. We also feel an obligation to provide our patients with value-added services such as having a call centre and house call service with a team that includes MTs specialised in collecting samples from infants and elderly patients.

Insurance Coverage

Scientific Publications for the Medical Community

At MedLabs we understand that Insurance Companies play an integral part in the lives of many families and individuals. We consider them partners in ensuring these families and individuals receive the service they deserve and are proud to offer comprehensive coverage to more than 95% of insurance companies in Jordan and Palestine. See insurance companies list

MedLabs scientific committee supported by the marketing department continuously produce informative scientific material for patients, physicians and the medical community at large. Key among these publications is the well-known guide to laboratory investigation, LabWise® - currently in its 5th edition. This on-hand manual guide to nearly all tests available in laboratory medicine (including all tests performed at MedLabs) has been a trusted reference for many doctors, specialists, nurses, medical technologists, and students since the first edition was published in 1996. Other popular MedLabs publications include over 25 'patient pamphlets' that are constantly updated and expanded and cover an array of topical and important medical topics. These pamphlets are available in all MedLabs branches for patients to take home with them. See MedLabs publications

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