Factor V Assay, Plasma


Factor V is a large single-chain glycoprotein composed of 3 homologous.A-type domains. Approximately 20% of factor V in the blood is compartmentalised in platelet a-granules. Thrombin is the physiological activator of factor V. The active form of factor V enhances the activation of prothrombin by several thousand-folds. Congenital factor V deficiency (parahaemophilia) is a rare disorder. It is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner, and the patients suffer a moderate to severe bleeding disorder. Additional molecular defects in the factor V gene have been identified in patients with “pseudo-homozygosity” for factor V Leiden (the Leiden allele plus the null allele). These patients may be identified on the basis of thrombotic problems.

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This test is useful in the differential diagnosis of bleeding disorders. Most factor V- deficient patients have low factor V activity and antigen level; however, discrepancy between functional and antigenic levels has also been described. Acquired factor V deficiency can be associated with amyloidosis.

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2 ml Citrate Plasma Frozen

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