Zinc, Serum


Zinc is the second most abundant trace element in the human body. Zinc is absorbed by the enterocytes in the proximal small intestine, and is excreted predominately through the gastrointestinal system. Zinc in plasma is bound primarily to albumin and α-2-macroglobulin, with a small percentage bound to low molecular weight substances such as histidine and cysteine. Most zinc in the body is intracellular; the largest pools in adults are in the muscle, bone, skin, hair and liver. Most of the intracellular zinc is stable and does not respond to zinc deprivation. In addition to the plasma zinc pool, the small labile portion in the liver provides some small reserves during deficiency. The major biochemical functions of zinc include its catalytic or structural role in at least 300 zinc metalloenzymes, a structural role in a large number of transcription factors and a role in the maintenance of plasma membrane function.

دواعي الإستعمال

Zinc functions in a multitude of physiologic roles. The clinical manifestations of zinc deficiency depend upon the severity of the deficiency, but the classic features include anorexia, retarded growth, weight loss, impaired immune function, delayed sexual maturation, testicular atrophy, epidermal hyperkeratinisation, alopecia, hypogeusia (reduced ability to taste) and night blindness. It is estimated that a milder deficiency presenting with growth retardation or altered taste and olfaction is also relatively widespread in healthy individuals, including the elderly.

نوع العينة والكمية والشروط

1 mL Serum Stability: 14 Days at 15-25 °C 14 Days at 2-8 °C 14 Days at -20 °C

إحتياطات خاصة

Avoid haemolysed samples. Do not use any additives.

المعدل الطبيعي

Age Group μg/dL 1 Day - 3 Month 65.0 - 137.0 4 Month - 11 Month 65.0 - 130.0 1 year - 5 Year 65.0 - 118.0 6 Year - 9 Year 78.0 - 105.0 Male 10Years-13Years 78.0 - 98.0 Female 10Years-13Years 78.0 - 118.0 Male 14Years-19Years 65.0 - 118.0 Female 14Years-19Years 59.0 - 98.0 Adult ≥ 20 Years 46.0 - 150.0

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