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Dr. Majdi Abu Hantash, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO)

Dr. Majdi Abu Hantash holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from Damascus University in Syria and a license to practice medicine in Jordan and Syria. Dr. Abu Hantash holds several specialties including; a certificate of specialization in Laboratory Diagnosis, Microbiology & Parasitology, Hematology & Blood Banking, Biochemistry & Immunology. Dr. Majdi has been part of many medical studies during his career, including a major study about the application of laboratory quality control systems in the Syrian Arab Republic under the supervision of Fouad Harab; Head of the Ministry of Health Laboratories at the time.

In Jordan, Dr. Majdi has been working at MedLabs for 23 years. He joined MedLabs as a Lab Director, managing various branches. He also worked as Field and Sales Manager for three years in management between 2012 and 2015 before being promoted to hold two positions; Reference Laboratory Director (Pre & Post) and Chief Medical Information Officer. Dr. Abu Hantash facilitates and accelerates the clinical use of information technology throughout MedLabs, and serves as the bridge between the technical staff and information technology department. He also directs, manages and coordinates activities of staff engaged in performing Pre & Post Reference Laboratory activities and manages MedLabs House Call center.

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