Lab-to-Lab Referral

MedLabs Consultancy Group has the largest Referral Laboratory in the MENA region, where it receives send-out samples from more than 240 international referring partners. Our panel of more than 1000 tests all fall under our CAP certification, which highlights our commitment to providing the highest levels of quality, making us the partner of choice for achieving accurate results.

Sample receipt and analysis is done in our state-of-the-art lab covering 2250 square meters equipped with best in-class equipment ensuring our quality control and accuracy are maintained at the highest international levels.

The location of our referral lab in Amman, means that it is an easy destination to ship samples to, especially those requiring special conditions in addition to achieving the best result turnaround times (TAT). Our team is ready to handle all questions and concerns in person, making sure your needs are prioritized. Our expert scientific team is prepared to assist with any questions or concerns posed by the referring lab or by a referring doctor.

Our full scope of service is covered by our CAP accreditation, with our scientific team also serving as CAP inspectors. This team is often called upon by the CAP headquarters in the US to carry out inspections of stand-alone and hospital laboratories across the Middle East region, in addition to being sought after speakers and academic lecturers. Our equipment is procured from world class suppliers such as Roche and Perkin-Elmer, setting the stage for unparalleled commitment to adopting cutting edge technology and developments in automation and AI in healthcare.

MedLabs has been established since 1993, and our long track record and commitment to quality has built us a brand name that we are proud of. MedLabs is committed to handling each sample they process with the highest standards of care, in turn, helping our partners deliver the highest quality results for their patients and stakeholders.

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