Commitment to Quality

MedLabs Quality Policy Statement

Executive Board Statement

  1. MedLabs commits itself to the highest standards of Quality and Safety by striving to meet and even exceed its customers’ expectations of our services. All MedLabs employees share this common goal through the process of continuous quality improvement.
  2. MedLabs realizes that this commitment requires investment in both time and financeand it reflects our commitment to maintaining our position as the leaders of laboratory medicine in the region. Everything we do, from choosing the best quality materials, applying the latest technology, ensuring the accessibility of our labs to the community, selecting qualified personnel and producing the highest quality results all aim at achieving the Gold Standard of Excellence which we always strive for.
  3. MedLabs believes this is best done by adopting and implementing internationally recognized and applicable “Benchmark” Standards of quality and safety, such as those established by ISO 15189, 9001, CAP and HCAC accreditatios, as well as those of local health regulations as per the Ministry of Health (MOH). In this respect MedLabs is fully committed to implementing and maintaining the above mentioned Accreditation requirements.
  4. The comprehensive MedLabs Quality Management System ensures that all mentioned standards are fully implemented and compliance is maintained through observance, and regular internal and external Audits / Inspections.
  5. MedLabs believes in the synergy of knowledge and experience through group practice and good management principles. We combine all of our resources to provide patients, doctors, hospitals and laboratories alike, both locally and regionally, with reliable medical laboratory results, knowledge, know-how and education. Accordingly, it is one of our main objectives to keep pace with medical technology developments in our field.
  6. MedLabs is passionate about Quality, it is achieved through the comprehensive and simultaneous improvement of the following:


  1. Identifying and continually meeting and try exceeding customer expectations and requirements, through following efficient and constantly updated processes.
  2. Provide prompt and scientific solutions for customers’ complaints, ensuring that root causes are searched for and corrective actions are put in place to prevent recurrence.
  3. Ensure an honest and transparent relationship with all of our customers.


  1. Having a competitive edge through the continuous development of products and services.
  2. Striving to maintain costs and promote a new way of working in a rapidly changing business environment.
  3. Expand to reach out to the majority of the Jordan community including patients with disabilities like hearing disability.

Human Resources (Personnel):

  1. Selecting candidates having the needed technical skills and the right attitude to fit in our “caring” culture.
  2. Training personnel, making them consciously aware of all quality-related practices.
  3. Providing a challenging working environment aimed at motivating people and encouraging new skills and practices.

Continuous improvement:

  1. Effective strategic planning to serve business growth and institutional goals.
  2. Measuring, reviewing and improving the above mentioned targeted performances.

College of American Pathologists (CAP)

MedLabs Reference Laboratory has been successfully subscribing to the College of American Pathologists Proficiency Testing Programs (both SURVEYS and EXCEL) since 2007. We were awarded CAP accreditation in January 2011.


ISO Certification 9001:2000

MedLabs Consultancy Group is ISO Certified for Management of Medical Laboratory Services (BS EN IS0 9001:2000). It was first awarded this certification in 2003.

ISO 15189 Accreditation

In February 2008 MedLabs became the first laboratory in Jordan and the Region to be awarded the ISO 15189 Laboratory Accreditation (specific requirements to ensure quality, competence and reliable results) by the Accreditation Unit / Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology and in cooperation with the European Union.

King Abdullah II Award for Excellence

King Abdullah II Award for Excellence - 2011 Sixth Cycle

The King Abdullah II Award for Excellence is the national reference for quality and excellence among public, private, business associations, educational service providers and non-governmental institutions. MedLabs is honoured to have received this prestigious award in 2011.

The Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC)

The Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC)

The Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) is Jordan and the region’s only nonprofit ISQua accredited institution dedicated to improving the quality of health care services and promoting patient safety through accreditation, consultation and capacity building.

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