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Dr. Manar “Agha” Al-Nimer

Vice CEO for Management Affairs

Dr. Al-Nimer holds a BSc. in Medical Technology, an MSc. in Transformation Management from Buckingham University, London (2003) and a PhD in Integral Management from the Da Vinci Institute of Management and Trans4m (2018). Her areas of interest for many years have been in Total Performance Management (TPM) and Human Resources Management. With thirty experience in the field of medical laboratory management – from bench work to quality control to administrative affairs and finance – Dr. Al-Nimer’s experience makes her one of the few experts in her field. Dr. Al-Nimer is a founding member of MedLabs Consultancy Group and has grown with the company since its establishment in 1993. For several years she held the position of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), reporting directly to the CEO and overseeing the administrative, legal, IT and Human Resources aspects of all MedLabs’ projects. In 2008 Ms. Al-Nimer became a member of MedLabs’ Board of Directors. She was also the company Management Representative when MedLabs acquired the ISO 9001-2000 management certification and was the driving force behind MedLabs achieving the highest national award in business, the King Abdullah II Award of Excellence in 2011. In 2017, Ms. Al Nimer became Vice CEO for Management affairs and has been a member of the Company’s Executive Committee since its inception, overseeing the day-to-day management of the company, corporate strategies and company expansion. Dr. Al-Nimer’s PhD research was focused on “MedLabs Journey to become an Integral Enterprise – Building an Integral CARE-ing Culture in Jordanian / Middle Eastern Enterprises”.

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