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Dr. Nashat Dahabreh, PhD

Vice CEO for Scientific Affairs

Dr. Nashat Dahabreh graduated from King’s College, University of London (UK) with a PhD in Clinical Biochemistry in 1985.
He was appointed Head of the advanced Biochemistry section at the Jordanian Royal Medical Services in 1986 in the main lab at the King Hussein Medical Centre in Amman, where he was also in charge of the advanced tests of the Queen Alia Cardiac Centre. With his rich experience and professional background, Dr. Dahabreh co-founded MedLabs Consultancy Group and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 1993. He is also a member of the Executive Committee, was Chief Materials Officer then Chief Scientific Officer and finally Vice CEO for Scientific Affairs since 2016. He has held the position of Laboratory Director in various laboratory branches of the company since 1993. Dr. Dahabreh has been a full member of the Biochemical Society (UK) since 1978, and is a member of the Bioenergetics group of the society and the World Allergy Organization (WAO). In Jordan, he is a member of the Jordanian Private Physician Society as well as a member of the Immunology and Allergy Society where he is an active member of its scientific committee. Dr. Dahabreh is also a founding member of the Medical Malpractice “Salamatak” Society and is a permanent member of the editorial and reviewing committee of the Royal Medical Services Journal (Jordan) in addition to being a member of the scientific committee of the Jordanian Society of Medical Laboratory Sciences since 1996.

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