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Mr. Emad Khoury

Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)

Mr. Emad Khoury holds a Diploma in Medical Technology from the Arab Society College. He joined MedLabs Consultancy Group when it was founded in 1993 as lab technician and worked in several branches including two of MedLabs hospital laboratories until 1999 and then as a lab supervisor at one of MedLabs’ key branches at the time, Zahran Central Laboratory until 2003. In 2004, Mr. Khoury became a member of MedLabs management team as Materials Manager where he oversaw the procurement of all supplies and instruments, managing price offers, following maintenance and troubleshooting of instruments, overseeing logistics of clearance and customs for all shipments, dealing with suppliers and representing MedLabs at trade shows. Later when he became Materials Director, Mr. Khoury also ran training workshops for various instruments and extended his role to include both local and regional procurement management for MedLabs regional projects.

Over the years Mr. Khoury was also heavily involved in designing and implementing MedLabs various Laboratory Information Systems, and in working with the Jordan Investment Corporation to support MedLabs as a pioneering Jordanian company in its field by lowering import taxes on certain laboratory equipment. In 2019, Mr. Khoury was promoted to Chief Procurement Officer and now manages a team of four people who assist him in his role that includes procurement for MedLabs’ laboratory services in Palestine and Iraq.

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