Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9 (CA 19-9), Serum/Plasma


CA 19-9 is a tumour related antigen, which occurs in tissue as a monosialoganglioside and in serum as a carbohydrate-rich glycoprotein known as mucin.

دواعي الإستعمال

CA 19-9 level is frequently elevated in patients with various gastrointestinal malignancies such as pancreatic, colorectal, gastric and hepatic carcinomas and metastasis. CA 19.9 is also elevated in non-malignant conditions such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, and gastrointestinal disease.

نوع العينة والكمية والشروط

1 ml Serum 1 ml K3-EDTA or Li, Na-Heparin Stability: 7 Days at 2-8 °C > 7 Days at -20 °C

إحتياطات خاصة

CA 19-9 values obtained with different methodologies cannot be used interchangeably. It is recommended that one assay method be used consistently to monitor a patient’s course of therapy. Avoid grossly haemolysed samples.

المعدل الطبيعي

Up to 37.0 U/mL

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