Cholesterol / HDL Ratio


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An elevated LDL concentration in plasma is atherogenic whereas high HDL level is cardioprotective. Thus, an elevated LDL / HDL ratio combined with increased triglycerides level is associated with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). However, since there is cholesterol in the very low density lipoprotein fraction in individuals with high triglycerides levels, the LDL / HDL ratio may underestimate the magnitude of dyslipidemic state in these individuals. Since there is high prevalence of moderate hypertriglyceridaemia among patients with CHD, the use of total Cholesterol / HDL ratio is a better predictor of ischemic heart disease in this group of patients. It is proposed that the ability of this ratio to predict risk is explained by the fact that it is a relevant cumulative marker of the cluster of metabolic abnormalities found in individuals with high triglycerides - low HDL dyslipidaemia.

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