Hepatitis Bc IgM Antibodies (HBcAb-IgM), Serum/Plasma


The core protein of HBV, encoded by the precore / core gene of the virus is a structural protein necessary for the formation of the viral nucleocapsid. The core protein itself is not detectable in the serum of infected individuals. However, anti HBcAb of the IgM and or IgG classes can be found in the circulation of infected individuals. See Also Hepatitis Bs Antigen (HBsAg), Serum
and Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) DNA Quantitative, PCR

دواعي الإستعمال

The detection of HBc IgM antibodies is diagnostic of acute HBV infection. Generally, these antibodies become undetectable 6 months after acute infection and do not usually re-appear during the chronic stage. Along with other HBV serological markers, HBc IgM can be used in the diagnosis and staging of HBV infection.

نوع العينة والكمية والشروط

1 ml Serum 1 ml K2, K3-EDTA, Li, Na-Heparin, Sodium Citrate, or Potassium Oxalate Plasma Stability: 7 Days at 2-8 °C > 7 Days at -20 °C

إحتياطات خاصة

Avoid grossly haemolysed samples.

المعدل الطبيعي

S/CO Non-Reactive: < 1.0 Reactive: ≥ 1.0

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