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Leptospires are motile, tightly coiled spirochetes with two flagellae located in the periplasmic space and may be stained using carbol fuchsin counter-stain. They are obligate aerobes that produce both catalase and oxidase. Leptospirosis is presumed to be the most widespread zoonosis in the world. The source of infection in humans is usually either direct or indirect contact with the urine of an infected animal. The disease is seasonal, with peak incidence occurring in summer or fall in temperate regions, and during rainy seasons in warmclimate regions. The usual portal of entry is through abrasions or cuts in the skin or via the conjunctiva. Infection via intact skin after prolonged immersion in water can also occur. Direct transmission from human to human is rare.

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Leptospira specific IgM antibodies become detectable during the first week of illness allowing the diagnosis to be confirmed and treatment initiated while it is likely to be most effective. The clinical presentation of leptospirosis is biphasic with the acute or septicaemic phase lasting about a week, followed by the immune phase, characterised by antibody production and excretion of leptospires in the urine. Aseptic meningitis may be found in around 25% of all leptospirosis cases.and may account for a significant minority of all Aseptic meningitis.

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1 ml Serum Room Temperature

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