Organic Acid Screen, Urine


Organic acids are low molecular weight, water-soluble carboxylic acids that are intermediates or end products of amino acid, carbohydrate, Serum lipid, or biogenic amine metabolism. More than 250 organic acids and glycine conjugates are either typically present or may possibly be encountered in urine. More than 65 inherited metabolic abnormalities are known to yield a characteristic urinary organic acid pattern, essential for diagnosis and follow-up.

دواعي الإستعمال

This test is used to screen for inherited disorders of metabolism. Organic acid profiles suggestive of disease need to be correlated with or confirmed by other analyses including plasma amino acid determination, plasma and cerebrospinal fluid lactate and pyruvate assays, whole blood acylcarnitines profiling, enzymatic activity determinations in blood cells or other cells, and genome analysis.

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10 ml Urine Room Temperature

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