Streptolysin O (ASO) Antibodies, Serum/Plasma


The streptolysin O antibody (ASO) test is used to provide serologic evidence of previous group A streptococcal infection in patients suspected of having a non-suppurative complications, such as acute glomerulonephritis or acute rheumatic fever.

دواعي الإستعمال

Elevated serum ASO titres are found in about 85% of individuals with rheumatic fever. Skin infections with group A streptococci are often associated with a poor ASO response. False-positive ASO titres can be caused by increased levels of serum β-lipoprotein produced in liver disease.

نوع العينة والكمية والشروط

1 ml Serum 1 ml Li-Heparin or K2-EDTA Plasma Stability: 2 Days at 20-25 °C 8 Days at 4-8 °C 6 Months at -20 °C

إحتياطات خاصة

Centrifuge samples containing precipitates.

المعدل الطبيعي

Adults: Up to 200 IU/mL Children: Up to 150 IU/mL

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