11-Deoxycortisol (Compound S), Serum


The steroid 11-Deoxycortisol is the immediate precursor of cortisol. The conversion of 11-Deoxycortisol to cortisol, the final step of the glucocorticoid pathway, is mediated by 11-β-Hydroxylase that can be inhibited by Metyrapone. 11-deoxycortisol levels normally increase to 100 times the control value following Metyrapone administration. In individuals with a normal Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis, Metyrapone stimulation results in increased 11-Deoxycortisol levels. Adequate metyrapone activity is verified by measuring cortisol.


Increased 11-Deoxycortisol levels may reflect 11-β-Hydroxylase deficiency, a common cause of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH). Reduced response to Metyrapone occurs in patients with hypo-adrenalism or with hypo-pituitarism and in some patients with diseases of the hypothalamus. Patients with Myxedema, some pregnant women, and those on oral contraceptives respond poorly to Metyrapone. Metyrapone stimulation is indicated in cases of Adrenal Insufficiency and Cushing’s Syndrome.

Sample Type, Quantity & Conditions

2 ml Serum Freeze

Special Precautions

Separate plasma immediately after sample collection and freeze. Synomyms: Cortodoxone, Cotexolone.

Normal Range

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