Cadmium , Blood, Hair, Nail


Cadmium (Cd) is a cumulative element with a biological half-life of >10 years in humans. It accumulates mainly in the kidney and in the liver, with around 50% of the body burden in these two organs. In tissues, Cd is bound mainly to metallothionein, whose production is stimulated by Cd exposure. In humans, the three main targets after long-term Cd exposure are lung, bone, and kidney, but it is generally accepted that the kidney is the critical organ. High past industrial exposure may be associated with risk of cancer (mainly in the lung), but confounding factors (e.g., concomitant exposure to arsenic) have not been adequately accounted for.


Blood Cd concentration is influenced by both the body burden and recent exposure. However, experimental data suggest that Cd in blood mainly reflects the last few months of exposure. Smokers tend to have double the quantity of Cd as compared to non-smokers.

Sample Type, Quantity & Conditions

5 ml Heparin Blood Room Temperature

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