Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) B51& B52 Molecular Typing, By PCR, Blood


HLA-B51 (B51) is an HLA-B serotype. B51 is a split antigen of the broad antigen B5, and is a sister serotype of B52. There are a large number of alleles within the B*51 allele group. B*51 is associated with several diseases, including Behcet’s disease.


Behcet's disease (BD) is a chronic inflammatory disease characterised by oral aphthous ulcers, skin lesions, pericarditis and uveitis. Between 50% to 80% of BD patients are HLA-B*51 positive. HLA-B*52 has been shown to be closely linked to the development of ulcerative colitis.

Sample Type, Quantity & Conditions

2 ml EDTA Room Temperature

Special Precautions

Collect in EDTA vacutainer tube. Avoid contamination with DNA of phlebotomist. Avoid haemolysed samples. Do not freeze samples. Send tube unopened.

Normal Range


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