Neuronal Nuclear Antigens (Amphiphysin,CV2, PNMA2, Ri, Yo , Hu , Recoverin, SOX1, Titin, Zic4, GAD65, Tr(DNER)) Abs, IgG Serum


Paraneoplastic syndromes represent a wide range of clinical syndromes that develop among 7-10% of patients with cancers due to the secretion of hormones or hormone-like substances or peptides by tumour cells or due to tumour-associated autoimmunity. Onconeuronal antigens are normally found in the nervous system. However, they may be expressed in tumour cells eliciting immune responses that result in nervous system damage and causing Paraneoplastic Neurological Syndrome. Anti Hu antibodies may cause motor, sensory and or autonomic peripheral neuropathy, Guillian-Barre’ syndrome and anterior horn cell neuropathy. Anti Ri antibodies can cause cerebellar degeneration whereas Anti Yo antibodies can cause myoclonus cerebellar degeneration characterised by ataxia, dysarthria (motor speech disorder from neurological injury), and dysphagia.


Anti Hu antibodies are found in 90% of patients with small cell lung cancer. Theses antibodies mya lead to the development of Guillain-Barré syndrome in patients with Hodgkins disease and to anterior horn cell neuropathy in patients with lymphoma respectively.Ant Ri antibodies may develop may develop inn patients with breast cancer and gynelogical cancers. Anti Hu, Ri and Yo autoantobodies may be of the IgG or the IgM classes.

Sample Type, Quantity & Conditions

2 ml Serum Stability: 14 Days at 2-8 °C

Special Precautions

Normal Range


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