Random Blood Glucose, Serum/Plasma


See Also Fasting Blood Sugar (Glucose), Serum


Random blood glucose is increased in diabetes and some adrenal, thyroid and pituitary disorders. It is decreased in insulin excess and in some types of glycogen storage diseases. Infants with tremor, convulsions and/or respiratory distress should also have glucose levels measured, especially in the presence of maternal diabetes.

Sample Type, Quantity & Conditions

1 ml Serum 1 ml Li-Heparin, K2-EDTA, NaF/Na2-EDTA, KF/Na2-EDTA, NaF/K-Oxalate, or NaF/Citrate/Na2-EDTA Plasma Stability: 8 Hours at 15-25 °C 72 Hours at 2-8 °C Stability in Fluoride Plasma: 3 Days at 15-25 °C

Special Precautions

Normal Range

< 140 mg/dL

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