Rickettsia Antibodies, Serum


The genus Rickettsia is a member of the family Rickettsiaceae. Rickettsiae are strict intracellular parasites, requiring host cells in which to replicate. These bacteria lie exclusively intracellularly without being enclosed by a vacuole. They are associated with arthropods and are transmitted to humans principally by infected arthropods, but contamination by aerosol and blood transfusion has also been described. The main symptoms of rickettsial infection consist of fever, headaches and cutaneous eruption. The target cell of rickettsiae is the endothelial cell, and proliferation of the rickettsiae in the vascular endothelium results in vasculitis.


The detection of Rickettsia-specific IgG antibodies in the absence of IgM antibodies indicates past infection, whereas, the detection of IgM antibodies indicates acute or recent rickesttsiosis.

Sample Type, Quantity & Conditions

1 ml Serum Room Temperature

Special Precautions

Normal Range

IgM;Index, Negative: 0 -9 Grey Zone: 9 - 11 Positive: >11 IgG;Index, Negative: 0 -9 Grey Zone: 9 - 11 Positive: >11

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