Vanilmandelic Acid (VMA), Urine


VMA is a catecholamine metabolite normally excreted in urine. However, stress, the intake of foods such as bananas, coffee, nuts, vanilla and citrus fruits or medicines can lead to falsely elevated levels. Therefore, intake of such foods or drugs should be stopped before urine collection for VMA level measurement. See Also Catecholamines and Metanephrines, 24 Hrs Urine


Determination of urinary VMA is a useful diagnostic test in patients with neuroblastoma or phaeochromocytoma. Patients with essential hypertension occasionally have borderline increased values for urinary VMA

Sample Type, Quantity & Conditions

30 ml of 24 Hrs Urine Room Temperature

Special Precautions

Use HCl as a preservative. State 24 Hrs urine volume. Observe special diet specially vanilla and caffeine products as well as banana and certain medications.

Normal Range

< 13.6 mg/24 Hrs

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