MedLabs Signs a Cooperation Agreement with the University of Jordan

MedLabs Signs a Collaboration Agreement with the University of Jordan

MedLabs, represented by the “The Academy for Training and Human Resources Development”, has signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Jordan. The agreement aims to establish two medical laboratories for the training of medical laboratory science students, creating two educational models, one within the premises of the Academy and the other inside the University’s College of Science.

This collaboration aligns with MedLabs’ commitment to supporting the education sector and providing medical laboratory science students with an educational model and tools to aid them in their studies, equipping them with knowledge and practical experience for their future application. This is due to the importance of this field, which is considered a fundamental component of various healthcare sectors. MedLabs will also equip the laboratories with necessary laboratory equipment and devices for the training of fourth-year students in the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences at the College. The collaboration extends beyond establishing the medical laboratories and will encompass joint cooperation in the areas of training and learning, the development and implementation of accredited programs by both parties, conducting training courses, participating in professional diplomas, and conducting joint scientific research.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Manar Agha Al-Nimr, Chair of the Board of Directors of MedLabs Academy, and Dr. Nazeer Obeidat, President of the University of Jordan, in the presence of a distinguished group of representatives from both parties. Dr. Haseeb Sahyoun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MedLabs, Dr. Ashraf Abu Karki, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Scientific Colleges, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Jagoub, Dean of the College of Science, and Dr. Ruba Abed, Dean of The Academy, were among those in attendance. The signing ceremony took place at the University of Jordan.

Dr. Manar Agha Al-Nimr, emphasized the significance of this collaboration and MedLabs Laboratories’ ongoing commitment to supporting the educational sector, particularly graduate medical laboratory students. This support aims to provide various training methods and prepare them for practical application after graduation, as laboratory tests require extreme precision and care to achieve accurate results, which will contribute to raising the level of the healthcare laboratory sector in the Kingdom and increasing employment opportunities for graduates of medical laboratory science, who will be highly qualified and equipped with both technical and personal skills.

Dr. Nazeer Obeidat, President of the University of Jordan, expressed his delight in starting a strategic partnership with MedLabs, a leader in the field of medical laboratories in Jordan. MedLabs was chosen to ensure the best training for students by enhancing their capabilities and enriching their knowledge in scientific content, practical work, quality standards, general safety, international and local accreditations, and instilling ethical standards in the medical laboratory profession.

MedLabs is considered the leading reference laboratory in Jordan, being the first private laboratory accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and ISO 15189. All medical laboratory tests conducted by the laboratory are continuously monitored and verified by them. Furthermore, all branches of MedLabs in the Kingdom have been granted the Healthcare Accreditation Council (HCAC) accreditation with distinction. MedLabs’ team, consisting of over 600 experienced and competent professionals, continues to apply the highest quality standards to ensure that their clients receive accurate results with the utmost professionalism and care.

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