Elia Nuqul Foundation and MedLabs Laboratories sign a Partnership Agreemen

 Elia Nuqul Foundation signed a strategic partnership agreement with MedLabs Consultancy Group (MedLabs Laboratories) offering higher education scholarships for the Foundation’s undergraduate deserving scholars in the fields of Medical Laboratory Science and Medical Analysis. 

This agreement aims to provide the local market with competent professionals in the fields of Medical Laboratory Science and Medical Analysis, a progressively increasing important field of studies contributing to the development of the medical sector in Jordan. This agreement also serves to express the commitment of the Elia Nuqul Foundation to expand and diversify the specialization of studies.

MedLabs Consultancy Group will also offer internships that will enable ENF scholars to gain practical experience, as this is aligned with ENF direction in providing opportunities for its scholars to work closely with professionals in the field to gain practical experience before entering the job market.

The agreement was signed by the Elia Nuqul Foundation Chairman, Mr. Ghassan Nuqul, and MedLabs Consultancy Group Chairman & CEO, Dr. Hassib Sahyoun.

Mr. Nuqul thanked MedLabs Consultancy Group for their contribution to the educational sector in Jordan, as well as their devotion to serving the laboratory sciences and medical analysis sectors, and complemented their efforts and accomplishments that have made them one of the most important networks of medical laboratories in Jordan. Dr. Hassib Sahyoun confirmed by saying that “MedLabs Consultancy Group is keen on supporting young students in obtaining expertise in the medical analysis field as it contributes to the sustainability of laboratory medicine which in turn contributes to maintaining the high standards of healthcare in Jordan”.

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