Honoring MedLabs Laboratories by the Health Institutions Accreditation Council

Under princess Muna Al-Hussein as his deputy in attendance, MedLabs Laboratories received special recognition during the ceremony hosted by the Healthcare Accreditation Council (HCAC) to celebrate its 15-year anniversary. The ceremony was held on January 23rd and included demonstrations that highlighted the major milestones in HCAC journey and its effect on the health sector.

MedLabs was recognized for being the first group practice in Jordan to have all of its 57 branches across Jordan accredited by HCAC, reflecting MedLabs belief and commitment in providing the highest standards of quality and safety for customers and staff. This achievement is part of MedLabs commitment to provide the most accurate lab results on both local and regional levels having achieved the most important local and international accreditations.

MedLabs was keen to be part of HCAC accreditation program since it was extended to cover the medical laboratory field due to belief in its importance, so cooperation started 5 years ago, where accreditation for all branches was completed in the span of two years, and subsequent newly opened branches in MedLabs are set up from the beginning to meet HCAC standards and get accredited in due time.

It is worth mentioning that MedLabs laboratories with its 57 branches in Jordan can be found all across the kingdom, in addition to 6 branches in the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, and also 5 branches in Iraq. MedLabs Referral Lab in Amman is considered the biggest and most advanced in the region, comprising of 20 Consultants in Laboratory Medicine in addition to various scientific specialties, providing over 1000 specialized tests, and receiving thousands of samples for analysis daily from over 240 referring partners. MedLabs Referral Lab is the first privately owned Jordanian Lab to receive CAP (College of American Pathology) accreditation in addition to ISO 15189, whereby all tests, results and quality standards are continuously monitored and reaccredited.

MedLabs Laboratories are still the only group practice in Jordan to receive HCAC (Healthcare Accreditation Council) accreditation with distinction for each and every branch.

MedLabs cadre of over 600 highly qualified and experienced university graduates continue to implement the highest standards of quality and care to make sure its customers continue to receive accurate results delivered with professionalism and dedication

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