MedLabs Laboratories Signs Cooperation Agreement with Parkinson’s Care Association

Jordan – Monday, September 18, 2023

The “MedLabs Laboratories” Group, one of the largest medical laboratory groups in the Middle East and a leader in Jordan, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Parkinson’s Care Association – Jordan, with the aim of providing the highest levels of healthcare for Parkinson’s patients. This agreement aligns with MedLabs Laboratories’ commitment to the local community and its social responsibility.

Under the agreement, MedLbas has pledged to support the association by offering specially designed test packages at competitive prices to assist Parkinson’s patients. Additionally, MedLabs will support the association in its mission to raise awareness about this disease, which significantly impacts patients and their families.

This agreement is in line with MedLabs Laboratories’ continuous efforts to support various segments of the community and serve associations of various categories. Through this agreement, MedLabs aims to provide Parkinson’s patients with access to the highest standards of medical laboratory services in Jordan, which adhere to the highest international standards.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Haseeb Sahyon, CEO of MedLabs Laboratories, and Mr. Khalil Ibrahim Abu Laban, President of the Parkinson’s Care Association.


About MedLabs Consultancy Group: MedLabs Laboratories, a Jordanian company founded in 1993, adopts the principle of teamwork and is one of the leading and fastest-growing Jordanian companies in the field of medical laboratories among private laboratories in the Arab Middle East. It has a network of 57 branches in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, 5 branches in Palestine, and 5 branches in Iraq.

The “MedLabs Laboratories” group offers more than 1,000 laboratory tests according to the highest international standards. Its reference laboratory in Amman holds the highest European accreditations in the field of ISO 15189 and the American accreditation in CAP. It receives thousands of samples daily from over 100 local and regional laboratories.

MedLabs is also accredited by the European ISO 9001:2015 and received the King Abdullah II Excellence Award in 2011. It has obtained the accreditation of the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) for all its branches in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This confirms its continuous commitment to applying the highest standards and specifications through regular inspection teams during their periodic field visits to ensure the preservation of the quality standards provided.

MedLabs Laboratories employs more than 600 experienced and competent university graduates, including 20 with Ph.D. degrees in laboratory medicine, specialist doctors, and consultants in the field of medical laboratories. Through its continuous educational programs for all its staff, MedLabs aims to keep pace with scientific developments and share expertise. MedLabs has adopted the “Towards a Healthier Society” initiative, offering many free medical days to reach its message to the widest possible segment of the local community.

About the Parkinson’s Care Association “Shallal Ra’ash” (Parkinson’s Care Association – Jordan): It is a non-profit association founded by a group of Jordanian citizens represented by the founding committee consisting of Mr. Khalil Abu Laban (a Parkinson’s patient), Minister Mona Ra’if Najem, Dr. Maher Salim, Dr. Ahmed Qadri, Pharmacist Yusuf Al-Azizi, Lawyer Salah Tamim Al-Ma’aytah, Mr. Ayman Al-Balbissi, and Dr. Doha Al-Sharafat, Associate Professor at the University of Science and Technology and a specialist in Parkinson’s disease, and the novelist Mrs. Leila Amish.

The association is an initiative that arises from awareness of the silent suffering of a group of patients facing the need for resources to alleviate their suffering, whether in terms of support, early symptom detection, or in providing essential treatments and medicines, which are often out of reach for a large segment of those suffering from the disease. The association seeks, through all possible means, to reduce the impact of this disease and its spread in our beloved society and to protect our dear homeland’s sons.

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