“The Academy” By MedLabs Signs a Cooperation Agreement with Asaseeyat Consulting Services

“The Academy” By MedLabs Signs a Cooperation Agreement with Asaseeyat Consulting Services

“The Academy by MedLabs”, (Al-Aseel Academy for Human Resources Training and Development), recently signed a cooperation agreement with Asaseeyat Consulting Services to transform the Academy’s curriculum material into online educational training programs using the latest and most advanced online teaching technologies. These programs will be made available to medical laboratory science graduates, working laboratory technicians, and other healthcare providers in Jordan and the Middle East.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Manar Agha Al-Nimer, Chairman of the Board of The Academy by MedLabs, and Dr. Awfa Faroun, CEO of Asaseeyat Consulting Services. The signing ceremony was held at MedLabs’ headquarters in Amman in the presence of the Academy’s Vice Chairman of the Board, Ms. Zeina Sahyoun, the Academy Dean, Dr. Ruba Abed and the Academy management team. Through this agreement, both parties will cooperate to automate the educational material developed by the Academy which aims to positively impact the medical laboratory profession leading to job-ready graduates equipped with 21st century technical and communication skills who will be valued by both patients and employers alike.

Both Asaseeyat Consulting and MedLabs Laboratories are aligned in their commitment to supporting education and training in healthcare. Through The Academy – a MedLabs’ subsidiary – the aim is to teach students the latest laboratory science innovations and technologies as well as the best in patient care, medical ethics and self-development. These skills are vital since diagnostic excellence in laboratory testing is crucial for accurate medical diagnosis by physicians and hence effective patient management.

Dr. Manar Agha Al-Nimer, Chairman of the Board of The Academy by MedLabs, emphasized the importance of cooperation between the two parties and how it aligns with the academy’s strategy to build fruitful partnerships with service providers and modern technology companies, saying “This will enhance the quality of training and education provided by The Academy to achieve the best interests of professionals and serve the local and regional laboratory sector and job market”. She added: “We believe education is the gateway to unlimited potentials, self-development and knowledge, which is in line with The Academy’s goals of leveraging the medical laboratory science profession and its practitioners”.

Mr. Awfa Faroun confirmed that this cooperation with The Academy by MedLabs contributes to strengthening the partnership with this important sector in healthcare services and opens up new horizons to update and develop training curricula and capacity-building programs that serve professionals and healthcare providers within their respective fields of work.


About The Academy by MedLabs:

The idea to create The Academy by MedLabs was sparked in 2015 when MedLabs, the largest employer of medical laboratory technologists in Jordan, began to notice that young graduates joining various healthcare institutions were not fully prepared for the jobs they were starting, whether in terms of technical or capacity building skills.

They were inspired to find a way to bridge the knowledge gap and provide the next generation with the skills they need to enter the workforce. Thus, The Academy by MedLabs was created. This academy, which was partially funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), offers educational courses on the basics of laboratory medicine, communication skills, and other fundamental medical laboratory and patient care courses in a face-to-face and online format, in addition to practical application in a training laboratory designated for this purpose. The courses, designed by The Academy, are endorsed by the Jordan University where a second Academy training lab will be set up as well.

The Academy aims to provide students, medical technologists, and job seekers with the necessary technical and human skills in the field of medical laboratories for a productive and effective career path appreciated by patients and employers. Among the academy’s other goals is to increase employment opportunities and demand for highly qualified Jordanian professionals for the local and regional market, with a special focus on a female workforce, through a team of experienced teaching specialists and the Academy’s modern, equipped facilities located in the heart of Amman.

MedLabs Laboratories is the largest group of medical laboratories in Jordan and the region, with more than 600 laboratory technicians working in more than 70 branches across five countries. MedLabs Laboratories is the only lab company in the Kingdom to have all of its 60 branches in Jordan accredited by the Healthcare Accreditation Council (HCAC) with a degree of distinction for each branch. In addition, MedLabs’ state-of-the-art Reference Laboratory in Amman offers more than 1000 lab tests accredited by CAP, ISO15189, CDC and CLIA, and receives thousands of samples daily from over 250 labs from Pakistan to Ireland, making Jordan a proud hub for diagnostic laboratory testing excellence in the MENA region.

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