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I have witnessed the growth of MedLabs Group since its early beginnings. It has made outstanding contributions in improving and raising the importance of medical laboratory services through its commitment to quality control and assurance, continuous medical education of employees and professional and ethical behavior. I am eternally proud to belong to this group.

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MedLabs Laboratories Signs Sponsorship Agreement with the Jordan Olympic Committee

MedLabs Laboratories has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Jordan Olympic Committee, aimed at providing laboratory care to Jordanian Olympic athletes, both male, and female, as well as the technical teams of national teams. This collaboration aligns with MedLabs Laboratories’ commitment and belief in the importance of sports, prioritizing the health and well-being of national team players.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Hassib Sahyoun, Chairman of the Board of MedLabs Laboratories, and Mrs. Rana Nazmi Al-Saeed, Secretary-General of the Jordan Olympic Committee, in a signing ceremony attended by representatives from both sides involved in this agreement.

Dr. Hassib Sahyoun, Chairman of the Board of MedLabs Laboratories, emphasized the importance of the cooperation between the two parties and MedLabs’ continuous support for the sports sector and athletes. This support includes providing exceptional healthcare and laboratory tests that meet the precision and international standards required by international federations. He highlighted MedLabs’ commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and caring for sports, as it is essential for maintaining physical and mental well-being and high levels of activity.

Mrs. Rana Nazmi Al-Saeed, Secretary-General of the Jordan Olympic Committee, expressed her delight in initiating a strategic partnership with MedLabs Laboratories, a leading medical company in Jordan. She emphasized the committee’s dedication to conducting regular laboratory tests for national team athletes to ensure their safety and enhance their capabilities in line with the goals of the Jordanian national sports strategy. MedLabs Laboratories was selected to provide the best and most accurate medical tests for its players at a global level, adhering to international regulations.

It’s worth mentioning that MedLabs Laboratories is the official accredited laboratory of the Jordan Football Association, providing medical care to national football team players through regular laboratory tests. This new agreement with the Jordan Olympic Committee is a continuation of previous collaborations and reflects MedLabs’ commitment to Jordanian athletes and national teams.


About MedLabs Consultancy Group

MedLabs Laboratories is a Jordanian company founded in 1993, adopting the principle of group practice. It is one of the leading and fastest-growing private medical companies in the Arab Mashreq region, with over 57 branches in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, 5 branches in Palestine, and 5 branches in Iraq. The MedLabs group offers more than 1000 laboratory tests according to the highest international standards. Their reference laboratory in Amman holds European accreditation “ISO 15189” in clinical pathology, as well as American accreditation “CAP”. MedLabs receives thousands of samples daily from over 100 local and regional labs.

MedLabs also holds the European quality management accreditation “ISO 9001:2015” and was awarded the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in 2011. It is accredited by the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) for all its branches in Jordan, affirming its commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards through continuous inspection visits. With over 600 experienced and competent employees, including 20 with PhDs in clinical pathology, MedLabs aims to keep up with scientific advancements and share expertise through continuous educational programs. The company has embraced the initiative “Towards a Healthier Society”, offering numerous free medical days to reach a wider segment of the local community.”

MedLabs Laboratories celebrates its 30th anniversary with a remarkable record of achievements.

On Thursday, June 22, 2023, MedLabs Laboratories commemorated three decades since its establishment by Dr. Hassib Sahyoun, the Chairman of the Board. The celebration began with a special event held in Amman for all of MedLabs’ 600 employees from various departments, including administration and branches.

The event aimed to celebrate together, recall the company’s journey from its inception, and acknowledge its accomplishments over the past thirty years, as well as discuss future plans.The celebration had a distinctive festive atmosphere, featuring interactive activities, entertainment performances, and musical shows to enhance the interaction among employees.

Dr. Hassib Sahyoun, the founder, Chairman of the Board, and CEO of MedLabs Laboratories, commenced the event with a welcoming speech, expressing gratitude to the employees for their participation in this significant milestone in the company’s history. He praised their effective contributions, which have brought MedLabs to its present position and highlighted the journey of achievements and challenges throughout the past three decades. A promotional video was also presented during the event, showcasing the milestones in the company’s history, core values, and the strong foundation that paved the way for MedLabs success, emphasizing commitment, quality, and stability. Dr. Sahyoun stated, “Today, as we proudly stand to celebrate thirty years of unparalleled achievements, with a solid base of loyal customers who have entrusted us, and with the excellence in offering laboratory services, as the largest network of Jordanian medical laboratories employing the largest number of medical laboratory graduates and the most advanced reference laboratory in the region, receiving thousands of samples daily from more than 240 laboratories in neighboring countries and the Arab Gulf.”

During the celebration, long-serving employees who have been with MedLabs for thirty years were honored, recognizing their loyalty and dedication to their work.

Dr. Sahyoun added, “Our celebration of the thirtieth anniversary coincides with the significant expansion of our reference laboratory, which serves hundreds of laboratories inside and outside Jordan, conducting advanced tests that used to be sent to laboratories in European countries. We take great pride in the continuous accreditations received by MedLabs, most notably the CAP Accreditation by the College of American Pathologists, and all of our 57 branches accredited by the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC), along with MedLabs’ achievement of quality accreditations in laboratory medicine, starting with ISO 9001:2000 in 2003.”

It is worth noting that MedLabs Laboratories cover all provinces of Jordan through its 57 branches, in addition to six branches in Palestine and five branches in Iraq. The reference laboratory in Amman is the largest and most advanced in the region, with 20 laboratory medicine specialists, conducting over 1,000 medical laboratory tests from various specialties and receiving thousands of samples daily from more than 240 laboratories within and outside Jordan.

MedLabs Reference Laboratory is the first Jordanian private laboratory accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and CDC (ISO 15189), ensuring that all medical laboratory tests are continuously accredited and audited. Additionally, all of MedLabs branches are the only ones in the kingdom accredited by the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) with an excellent rating for each branch. The team, consisting of more than 600 experienced and qualified professionals, continues to adhere to the highest quality standards to provide accurate results, with professionalism and utmost care for their patients.