MedLabs NIPT(Non-Invasive Prenatal Test)

What is NIPT?

NIPT is a non-invasive prenatal screening test.  During pregnancy, some of the DNA from the baby crosses into the mother’s bloodstream.

Panorama looks at this DNA to see if there is evidence of certain conditions that could affect the baby’s health.

What does NIPT tell me?

NIPT gives you a personalized risk score and tells you if your baby is at high risk or low risk for certain genetic conditions such as Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, Patau syndrome and triploidy.  It can also identify Turner syndrome and other sex chromosome abnormalities, and can even tell you the sex of the baby, if you want to know.

When can i get a NIPT test?

You can have this test as early as 9 weeks gestation. You and your doctor get your results back in 10-14 calendar days.

Should i get NIPT?

If you do have concerns about the health of your baby and want peace of mind, consider NIPT. The first step is to talk with your doctor.

Some women have a higher chance of their baby being affected with certain conditions: women over the age of 35, women with certain family histories or abnormal ultrasound findings or blood test results.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends these women be offered an NIPT test.

What other tests are available?

There are various other tests available. Traditional screening tests are not as accurate as NIPT, and diagnostic tests such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS) have a slight risk of pregnancy complications including miscarriage.

(Committee Opinion No.545, Dec 2012).

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