Food Intolerance Testing

Everything we eat can elicit a positive or negative reaction in the body. If you are intolerant to a certain food and you continue to eat it, your body will mount an inflammatory reaction which may manifest in a variety of lifestyle-affecting conditions such as headaches, chronic pain, digestive disorders and many other issues.

Why You Should Get Tested

Food intolerance can be caused by a variety of factors, including irritable bowel syndrome, food poisoning, psychological factors, and sensitivity to certain natural or organic food additives. Less than 2% of the population suffers from food allergies; however, up to 45% of the population is estimated to suffer from some form of food intolerance. At MedLabs Laboratories, we test your blood sample against 221 types of food using advanced microarray technology

Food Allergy

  • Usually comes on suddenly
  • Small amount of food can trigger a reaction
  • Happens every time you eat the food
  • Can be life-threatening
  • Usually identified in childhood

Food Intolerance

  • Occurs when a food irritates your stomach or your body can’t properly digest it.
  • Symptoms include: Gas, cramps, or bloating, heartburn, headaches, anxiety, migraines, joint pains, skin problems, fatigue, depression, inability to loose weight on a diet, and Irritability Symptoms may appear days after eating the type of food you are intolerant to.
  • Usually comes on gradually.
  • May happen when you eat a lot of the food.
  • May happen if you eat the food often.
  • Is not life-threatening.
  • How To Use Your Test Results

If your test shows many elevated results you might find it too challenging to eliminate all of the foods at once from your diet. You may find it easier to:

  1. Completely avoid the top 4 or 5 foods showing the highest antibody concentrations.
  2. Reduce and/or rotate the remaining foods showing lower antibody concentrations.

Some people feel worse for a few days when they eliminate a food and although it can be difficult to give up certain foods, you need to persevere. Substitute your reactive food with other foods which have not shown a reaction. Trying out new foods may help to decrease cravings and add pleasure to your eating. The majority of people find symptom relief within one to three months after cutting out the foods to which they show a food antibody reaction. The Food Intolerance Test has improved the quality of life of many individuals worldwide

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